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flow mOcean is a celebration of nature, conscious movement and the abilty to take life a little less seriously

It's no secret that we live in the most beautiful place on this incredible planet. 
flow mOcean creates the ability to bring everything we love all into one place: yoga, fitness, healthy living, conscious minds, gratitude and a ridiculous love of nature all in one session. 
Join us for a daily celebration of sand between our toes, sunshine on our faces and crystal clear ocean all around us. We love Stand up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP yoga), SUP Fitness, kayak yoga and kayak fitness sessions. What we love even more is sharing it with you.
This studio is unlike anywhere you've practiced or worked out ever before. 


CLASS Styles

flow mOcean offers:
Kayak Yoga Classes
Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga 
Corporate & Team building days
Hens and birthday Parties
One-on-One Sessions
Workshops & Retreats

 Kayak Classes paddle from the beach for approx 20-30 minutes to a secret beach location. 
Once there, participants will enjoy a 30 minute beach yoga session. 
Followed by a cruisy 20-30 minute paddle back to base

Stand Up Paddle Board Classes paddle from Manly Sealife Sanctuary to their floating studio 5 - 10 minutes away. 
Participants move through 45-60 minutes of yoga while floating on the water.
Followed by a short paddle back to base.

Land Based classes never get wet. We meet on Manly's iconic surf beach or inside stunning studio locations in the area. These options are for those who love nature but don't want to get wet!

SUP Yoga 


What Customers Say

  1. I LOVED SUP YOGA! Such a lovely way to start the day.... on the water doing yoga (even though a lot of my time was IN the water) haha it was SO much fun. I will be back for more!
    Carly Sanderson
  2. I absolutely love the kayaking & yoga classes, its the best way to start off your weekend, with a great activity and being at one with the beautiful nature! It really puts me in an energetic mood to deal with my busy weekend, with just the right amount of ME time! Mel is an awesome instructor, love her energy! on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear.
    Angela Jalai
  3. Such a beautiful class this morning, thanks so much Mel! A year ago we did the class and you taught it with as much love as you did today - you have such great energy. It's such a beautiful and fun way to start the day
    Lara Adler
  4. Mel's way of teaching yoga is just beautiful! I enjoyed every minute of the SUP and kayak yoga sessions! You can definitely notice her gratitude for the opportunity for her to teach what she loves!
    Anna Hotchalter
  5. Had my first SUP yoga class with Daniel Myers yesterday. Most marvelous fun, especially falling in a lot:-)
    Dean Economou