1. FEAR
    12 Apr, 2017
    There's never really a good time. Very few times (mostly never) can I remember just thinking, HA! NOW everything is ready! I know exactly what I need to know, I have exactly the amount of money I need, my schedule is clear, there's nothing else to do except follow this dream. So today I'll begin. If only, right?! I find, now is never really exactly the right time. I'm actually quite busy today. That's going to cost too much, and where would that money come from?! I really need to take another
  2. The Delicious Truth About Shit Sandwiches
    04 Jul, 2017
    The Delicious Truth About Shit Sandwiches
    I've been wanting to tell you something for a long time.  But I've been putting it off, because NOT doing hard things, is a lot easier than actually doing hard things.  And avoidance is my specialty.  But today, I'm all out of excuses and I want you to know the truth. Today is a good day to tell you because the sun is shining and I had a warm breakfast and there's a little bird sitting on the fence making the cutest sounds, the world feels light enough for talking about dark things.  People