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all participants must be booked in advance
otherwise we won't have a kayak or SUP board ready for you :(
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THURSDAYS: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
SATURDAYS: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Class Format:

25-30 minute paddle on double kayaks to a pristine beach location

 30-60 minute yoga session on the sand followed by an optional quick swim

 25-30 minute paddle back to base
Treat your senses to a session or two in the most scenic and naturally beautiful studio in Sydney. Practicing on the sand is completely unlike practicing on hardwood floorboards. Expect the ripples of the sand and uneven surface of our beach studios to test your alignment and soften your fall as you find new ground in your practice. Does that mean you need to be an experienced yogi to come along? Not at all. Classes are a blend of hatha, vinyasa and modern power flow with variations, modifications and options allowing you work at your individual level. After all, you're here for you and no one else. Let the waves guide your breath and the birds chirp you to stillness. 
Expect to get sandy, to laugh, to recharge and to come back to the beach as a slightly different person than you were when you arrived.
There's a healing way of the ocean, all you have to do is show up.


SATURDAY: 9:00 - 10:30 AM & 11:00 - 12:30 PM
SUNDAY: 9:00 - 10:30 AM & 11:00 - 12:30 PM

Class format:
Overview of paddle technique and basics while on land
10 - 15 minute paddle to our floating studio 
60 minute floating yoga practice on the stand up paddle boards
10 - 15 minute paddle back to base
SUP yoga is Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga; there's no other practice like it. This is nature absolutely showing off and we get to be a part of it! Wear your swimmers, expect to laugh until your abs are sore and to do some asanas in between. This is not about elite yoga, this is just good old fashioned fun.Embrace the imperfections, the splashes and reconnect to what yoga is really about. 
Don't you dare go thinking you have to be a levitating yoga jedi in order to conquer a SUP yoga class. The simple and exquisite truth about this practice is that it can cater to every level of fitness and experience. For some, simply standing in tadasana is a huge accomplishment, then you get the added benefit of a tan and a swim in the best part of Sydney's inner harbour. For others, yoga on floorboards has given them the fundamentals to be bold and explorative to take more challenging or advanced variations on poses. This is about finding new territory, questioning the limitations of the mind and conquering the inevitable fear of falling in. If there was ever a place to fall on your face, certainly it's here. Trust your board to tell you little secrets about your practice. You'll know very quickly if you have a tendency to put more weight on one side or a tendency not to activate your core. Then reap the sweet rewards of your efforts as you float deeply into your savasana with your fingertips in the water listening to the rhythm of the waves lapping under your board. Heaven on earth.  

SUNRISE Beach Yoga

WEDNESDAYS: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Class format:
Class meets at the playground in the middle of the iconic Manly Beach. 

The playground is opposit the volleyball nets

Participants flow through 60 minutes of vinyasa yoga with options and modifications to suit all levels whilst watching the sun rise over the surf
If you're going to roll out your mat for an early morning practice... THIS is the place to do it! We meet right in the middle of the jaw dropping Manly Beach and flow to the rising sun. Classes are a mixed style of vinyasa flow and hatha alignment to centre, invigorate and balance you before stepping off into your day. We created these classes for all the ocean lovers who just aren't quite ready to tackle all of the paddling required for our other classes. Come get your dose of ocean, but keep dry! 

Kayak Fitness

0413 120 768

Class format:
25 - 3o minute paddle by kayak from Manly Sealife Sactuary to Q Station Beach
35 - 45 minute high intensity beach workout session utilising water, paddle drills, beach plyometrics or hills 
25 - 30 minute scenic paddle back through the harbour to base

Kayak Fitness allows you to plug into magnificent local nature, get away from your phone and your pressure, whilst working your entire body. After paddling to our beach destination, the views make the workout a pleasure. Each session utilizes elements of HIIT, Bootcamp, Barre, Pilates plus sometimes those wonderful stairs from the Biggest Loser. The best thing about beach fitness is being on the beach, oh and getting fit! Class is always a fresh blend of kayaking drills and sprints, sand running and exercises, circuits and full body plyometrics. You can expect to be challenged with something new every session and to work at your own pace no matter your level of fitness On returning to back to base, your stress has disappeared, your calories are burnt, your immune system is fired up and you can face whatever comes your way!
Be sure to bring your trainers and a water bottle along for the adventure! 
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SUP Fitness

Class format:

Overview of basic paddle technique while on land
60 - 90 minutes of high intensity interval training drills, plyometric movements, body weight exercises all while on water with the shoreline safely in sight

Imagine yourself in an overcrowded gym listening to crappy music staring at a blank wall while you run for eternity... in place... on a treadmill. 
Now imagine yourself floating on the ocean, listening to the birds and the waves as you flow dynamically through movements your body has never tried before. OK, slight exaggeration but you get the point!  Simply standing up on a stand up paddle board is a challenge for most of us. It requires an immense amount of core control and stability throughout every one of your connective tissues. The combination of balancing on water while coordinating full body movements engages muscles that you didn't even know you had. It's almost like tricking the brain into thinking you're just out enjoying a scenic paddle with your mates, but by the end you'll walk away feeling the burn absolutely everywhere. In these classes we don't paddle very far from shore, every moment is spent engaged in high intensity, low impact, full body plyometrics.
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