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APRIL 28-30

Ever feel like you're 
right at the crossroads? 
Like you're right on the cusp, 
but just not quite there yet? 
This retreat was designed for you.

What you can expect

-  3 days and 2 nights accomodation surrounded by the bushland sanctuary of the Blue Mountains 
-  All vegan meals, nourishing and artfully created by Sumbios Raw Whole foods  
-  Daily yoga, and conscious movement in various styles  specifically crafted to unbind our deepest knots
-  Daily workshops, healing and hands on learning 
-  Guidance to recognise your dreams, utilise your talents and get clear about how to implement them daily
-  Learn how to use ancient traditions like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine and modern psychology in your everyday life 

-  Free time and personal space to rest, rejuvenate and bliss out
-  Leave with a roadmap, practical tools and skills to propel you into full potential​

-  Take home kit with fun treasures to and gifts help you on your journey
-  A deep reconnection to nature, source and self 
Weekend Yoga Retreat
APRIL 28-30
Everything in your life has lead to this point.

Exactly where you are now.
Exactly what you know now.
Exactly who you are now. 

Let's use every ounce of that and get really clear on your strengths, your talents, your dreams and everything inside of you that makes you so incredible. 

On this powerful 3 day retreat, we'll do just that; peel away the layers and self limiting beliefs. Work through a life long build up of toxins and scars in the body. Until we arrive at the centre and light up the core of who we really are. 

The way we perceive ourselves is a culmination of our circumstances, past conditioning, and forces of our surrounding society. When you strip all of that away what are you left with? Simply you. Your essence, the purest state of you. 

These retreats are designed to empower you, to show you how to live in your body, to cleanse you of all the things you no longer need to carry with you. We'll use movement, meditation and powerful psychology to unweave the old wounds and blockages and open the path for where you're going next.


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Kanimbla View Clifftop Retreat
113 Shipley Road
Blackheath NSW 2785
All accomodation is twin share in gorgeous, understated, earthy eco cottages

*Please enquire if you wish to have your own private room :) 
The venue...
Kanimbla Clifftop Retreat
Set in the heart of the World Heritage Blue Mountains, Kanimbla View Clifftop Retreat is a breathtaking 12 acre ecotourism retreat with spectacular views of the Kanimbla Valley. Located on the Shipley Plateau at Blackheath, just two hours by car or train from Sydney

About the teacher:

Mel is the founder of the local nature studio, flow mOcean.
Orignally a psychology student in the Rocky Mountains, she travelled to study yoga in the Himalayas, and has since been blessed to learn from some of the most talented Western minds across various fields of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, energetic healing and meditation. 

Mel's classes have become in intricate weave of her psychology background, her love of flow and breath, the traditional yogic practices of the Himalayas and anything else that's real for her today. Expect to laugh, to play, to be challenged and to be deeply connected back to roots. She teaches Shakepears words, 'The earth has music for those who listen'. There's magic in the ocean and all around us, Melissa's journey is to help you find it again. 

About the chef: 

We are so so lucky that we have managed to lock in the legends from Sumbios raw foods to cater all meals at the retreat! Sumbios is a new raw food company different from the others. run by Shirley de Jesus.

Shirley is a passionate nutritionist and Chef who has been driven to develop healthy, delicious, sweet, & indulgent recipes for others to enjoy with all natural ingredients.

Sumbios has launched a range of health conscious products by using whole natural foods with no refined sugars of any kind to sweeten their products.

These products have been nutritionally designed to cater and please for those with a sweet tooth as an alternative to the everyday refined products that we are easily subjected to on a day to day basis.
All of Sumbios products are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and Paleo.
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